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Assisting American Soccer Communities


How do I use my experiences with soccer to help others in fun and creative ways? The answer to this question constantly changes.  

Whether you’re a soccer mom, player, fan or industry professional, it's my mission to pass along useful information, create unique experiences and provide innovative opportunities to help you enjoy the world's favorite sport on your terms.

Creating Branded Lifestyle Connections 


Did you know that there's a soccer participant in 1 out of 3 U.S. households? The conversations around your product, service or event will vary if this consumer has practice after school, a coed match after work or a weekend tournament to attend. I've helped brands such as Kellogg's NYC, Vitamix and Pizza Hut connect with these audiences in an authentic way. Let's talk about how I can give your brand an assist.

Delivering Powerful Keynotes


My incredible journey will captivate your audience with priceless takeaways to use in the classroom, boardroom and beyond. Drawing from an exceptional record for landing game changing opportunities, I am an inspired storyteller that provides professionals with a fresh perspective on tackling diversity challenges, undergrads with a game plan to tackle the culture shock of college matriculation and entrepreneurs with the motivation to achieve championship level wins for their companies.